Blini roofing and repairs offers Ottawa Shingle Roof Maintenance. So you’ve made the decision to invest in a shingle roof replacement or repair and in doing so, are investing a lot of money into your home. A shingle roof replacement should last approximately 20 years, however, just how well your roof holds up depends on how well it is maintained.

Blini Roofing and Repairs wants to make sure that you, as a homeowner, have all the information you need to take care of your new roof so it stays beautiful in the long term. Here is a list of helpful tips we have compiled on Ottawa Shingle Roof Maintenance

Step #1: Inspect Your Roof

The best way to make sure that you are not facing costly repairs on your roof in the future is by routinely inspecting it yourself and understanding what to look for. When looking at your roof, you want to identify any issues that may need professional attention. Pay close attention for missing shingles, discolouration, and lowered areas on your roof that could signify rotting.

Step #2: Routine Maintenance

At the beginning of every Spring and end of every Winter, clean your roof, paying special attention to removing all of the debris as it can hold water which can lead to a deteriorating roof and costly repairs in the future. Also, gently wipe away the debris from the roof to limit any chances of damaging the shingles.

Step #3: Contact a Professional Roofing Company

If you notice that there are a number of loose shingles, curled shingles, rotting, or discoloration, it is important that you contact a professional roofing company to inspect your roof. Furthermore, replacing your roof or repairing your roof can be a costly endeavour. Fixing your roofing issues as soon as they occur will help mitigate costs in the future.

Why Choose us for your Ottawa Shingle Roof Maintenance?

Blini Roofing and Repairs has a team of expert estimators and roofing specialists that will provide you with a free roof inspection. Once our estimator inspects your roof, they will provide you with a detailed quote listing any issues that they found. They will also be available to answer all of your questions.

At Blini Roofing and Repairs we take pride in the work we do. We aim to resolve any issues but also make you, the client, a part of every step of the process. A large part of that is ensuring our clients have all the information they need to make the right decision about following through with a roof repair or roof replacement.

Blini Roofing and Repairs, offers Ottawa Shingle Roof Maintenance along with the following services:

  • Roofing Inspection
  • Free Estimates
  • Residential Flat Roof Replacement
  • Residential Flat Roof Repair
  • Shingle Roof Replacement
  • Shingle Roof Repair
  • Flashing Replacement
  • Flashing Repair
  • Ice Dam and Snow Removal Services
  • Eavestrough/Gutters
  • Vent and Turbine Replacement
  • Siding Repairs
  • Soffit and Fascia installation
  • Emergency Repair Services
  • Chimney Flashing Installation
  • Caulking Services

We offer these services in the following areas: Central Ottawa, Gloucester,
Orleans, Cumberland, Rockland, Nepean, Barrhhaven, Manotick, Greely, Metcalfe, Kanata, Stitsville, Kanata, Dunrobin and Carp.