Blini Roofing and Repairs only hires roofing experts. We look for attitude as well as skill. Also, you would need to be well experienced, and able to adapt to different working environments. In addition, having carpentry skills would be a huge asset. Using different tools and equipment is a must. We look for physical strength as well as good balance. This is because roofing is a physically demanding and challenging job. Being able and comfortable to work at heights for long period of times is also a must for a roofing experts.

What makes roofing expert?

The number one cause for roof or home damage are water leaks. Furthermore, a roofing expert knows that and will always want to prevent water leaks from damaging your home. All of our roofing experts  install lots of metal flashing around leak prone areas. Around the chimney’s and pipes they is where roofing experts often focus.

When choosing roofing experts, keep in mind your entire interaction. Your first call with the company, to the roof inspection, to the quote, scheduling the job, the actual work and follow up. Indeed, all of this tells a great deal about how professional and dedicated the roofing experts are to their clients. It’s important that you choose the right company to fix your roof. You want that piece of mind, that the work has been done properly and you wont have issues in the future.

Blini Roofing and Repairs, your Ottawa Roofing Experts, offers the following services:

Roofing Inspection
Free Estimates
Residential Flat Roof Replacement
Residential Flat Roof Repair
Shingle Roof Replacement
Shingle Roof Repair
Flashing Replacement
Flashing Repair
Ice Dam and Snow Removal Services
Vent and Turbine Replacement
Siding Repairs
Soffit and Fascia installation
Emergency Repair Services
Chimney Flashing Installation
Caulking Services

We offer these services in the following areas: Central Ottawa, Gloucester, Orleans, Cumberland, Rockland, Nepean, Barrhhaven, Manotick, Greely, Metcalfe, Kanata, Stitsville, Kanata, Dunrobin and Carp.