Roofing Skylight Repairs and Installation Ottawa- Does your skylight need to be repaired or replaced? Is it leaking but you are not sure where the skylight leak is? Are the roof shingles surrounding your skylight the issue?

Diagnose skylight issues:

It’s difficult to diagnose skylight issues. Ottawa Flat Roof Repair, an Ottawa roofing company, has a team of expert roofing estimators that will come and inspect your roof, your skylight. They will determine whether you need to repair skylight, or a replacement skylight in Ottawa.

Ottawa Flat Roof Repair focuses on providing you with the best solution possible that fits your budget. Once we determine the issue, we will send you a detailed quote.

First, we will determine whether you need a replacement skylight, or whether we can repair the skylight and surrounding flat roof.
The first step is to inspect the area. We will remove the skylight completely and any roof membrane surrounding it such as shingles. If there is any way we can salvage the skylight, we will repair it and clean it before we re-install it.

If a skylight repair is not possible, we will provide you many options for a replacement skylight that works with your roof. We will also inspect and replace any shingles or flat roof that surrounds your skylight.

If you think your skylight needs to be replaced or repaired, give us a call today or fill out our free estimate form (provide link). All skylights will eventually leak as the roof membrane surrounding it gets damaged with regular wear and tear.

Sometimes we can fix this roofing issue quickly with a skylight repair. If this is not possible, we will provide you with all the information you need for a replacement skylight.

Contact Ottawa Flat Roof Repair at, Ottawa roofing experts, for a free inspection and estimate at (613)-292-7492.