It’s Winter time… Is your Roof Ready?

Roof Repair – Ottawa Roofing: You are a homeowner, and with that come lots of responsibilities. Maintaining your home is essential to maintaining its structural integrity. Your roof, especially, needs a little more TLC during the wintertime to make it through those very cold winter months. 

Before it really starts to snow, make sure you schedule a roofing inspection. Ottawa Flat Roof Repair, an Ottawa roofing company, provides free inspections all year round. We suggest you inspect your roof twice a year. Once before the winter season and the other in the Spring.  A roofing inspection will help you find hidden issues and repair any major roofing problems before they get worse. 

Some issues with your roof may include aging, pooling, cracks, growth of vegetation and much more. Finding these issues before they worsen is important. Roofing issues that do not get fixed on time can cost you thousands in the future. What you could fix with a simple roof repair, may turn into a complete roof replacement.

If your roof is a shingle roof, a roof inspection will help your roof become winter ready. A roof inspection determines if there are missing, damaged, or loose shingles. The worse way to find out that your roof is in bad shape is after a winter storm where roof leaks start to form. 
Hire a roofing contractor for roof repair – Ottawa Roofing to get your shingle roof ready for the winter season. 

If you have a residential flat roofing system, making sure there aren’t any cracks, pooling, and other penetrations on your roof that could worsen during the winter season is essential.

Roofs can be repaired even in the wintertime. However, the days are short and the weather makes it a difficult task which can increase costs. Repairing your flat roof or shingle roof before the weather gets bad will end up saving you money in the future. 

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