Ottawa Roofing – Snow Removal during the winter months:

Winter is here and with that comes lots and lots of snow, which can become a headache for you as a homeowner. When this time of year comes around, the number one thing you should keep in mind is your roof. Whether you’ve recently invested in a roof repair or roof replacement, or are merely maintaining your roof, snow that turns into ice can cost you heavily.

Removing the snow off your roof before it freezes is essential to making sure your flat roof or shingle roof stays in good shape. Even if your roof is waterproofed properly, if ice build up on your roof is severe, it will get through the toughest membrane and cost you thousands of dollars to fix. 

Ice dams and severe ice buildup affects your roofs structure. This is due to the weight and pressure it puts on your roofing system. Specifically, many people see issues with fasteners, flashings, and eavestrough if they remove snow before it melts and turns to ice. 

If you haven’t thought about how snow turning into ice can affect your roof and think that your roof can be susceptible to ice dams, call Ottawa Flat Roof Repair. We offer Ottawa Roofing – Snow Removal Services. Our roofing experts will see if your ice problem can be resolved. We will make sure snow is removed prior to it forming into ice. This is essential step to maintaining the structural integrity of your roofing system. 

Is your roof susceptible to ice damming?

Most often, older residential homes with older roofing systems experience ice damming because of their roofs design. It is something that you can’t avoid. Whether the sun is facing in the right direction can even be a huge factor to consider. Our roofing inspectors will be able to assist you. They will determining how and why your roof is susceptible to ice damming. We will provide you with solutions that will help save you thousands in the future. 

Attempting to remove the snow and ice build up on your roof yourself is dangerous. Our recommendation is that you leave it to roofing professionals. Working at heights is dangerous, especially during winter conditions. If you are not appropriately trained or have the right safety equipment, it is best to not attempt to remove snow and ice build up on your own. 

Ottawa Flat Roof Repair has years of experience helping home owners. We take care of their residential flat roofs during the winter season. Give us a call today if this is something you’re concerned with. We will help you come up with a roof maintenance plan. We will ensure your roofs integrity stays intact  throughout these cold months.