Have you noticed a leak in your roof? Are you looking to repair leaky roof in Ottawa? If so, It is important that you do not ignore this issue. Putting off repairing a leaky roof can lead to extensive damages, and will end up costing you more than you expected.

A roof leak could leas to a bigger structural issue

It is important to repair leaky roof in Ottawa before it becomes a bigger structural issue. This is because if you do not repair a leaky roof, the water will continue to travel throughout the building. In turn, it will eat away at the insulation. This will cause moulding to occur. 

Mould in the building causes a lot of issues. Mould will rot wood, rust metal and can even damage the wiring around your home as well. Not only is this a nightmare structurally, but mould can also cause detrimental effects on your health as well.

Those that would be most vulnerable to the effects of mould would be those with respiratory issues, such as asthma. Even those individuals that are healthy can experience health issues as a result of the mould forming in the building. 

As stated above, there are harmful effects of a leaking roof, but you can be proactive. Inspect your roof regularly, in order to identify any damage from a leaky roof and repair it quickly. When you repair your leak quickly, the roof will not suffer long term damage, and will end up saving you money.

When you notice a leak in your home, or realize extensive damage is done on your roof, Ottawa Flat Roof Repair can help. Our experienced and knowledgeable roofing experts will help find the source of the issue with your roof and will provide you with solutions that will be cost and time effective so that your mind can be at ease.